Work Smart Juice Pack




Achieve Smart Performance through Internal Resilient Energy Purchase 6 juices upfront and collect 2 each day on your way to work. Stress, taxing your liver on a weekend, unhealthy food and yo-yo dieting leaves many of us short of nutrients. Taking 1-2 Work Smart Juices each day for 3 consecutive days is an effective way of ensuring that your brain and nervous system is both, hydrated and nourished. The impact it will have on your mood, focus and mental agility will be obvious immediately. Seeds, spices and micro-nutrients in the juices help boost cognitive function, memory and concentration. Our Work Smart Juices fast-track directly into your blood stream and brain, restoring your flagging energy when you need it most.

What’s inside?

Just Green with Spirulina: apple, cucumber, parsley, lemon
Deep Rooted with Maca Powder: celery, apple, beetroot, ginger
Medicinal Green with Cayenne Pepper: celery, cucumber, kale, spinach, lemon, ginger
Cashew Nut Milk with Chia Seeds: cashew nuts, water, cinnamon powder, honey, dates