how it works

Our juices and smoothies are made fresh daily with premium ingredients, we blend whole fruits and veggies, as well as nuts, seeds and superfoods, to ensure a balance of essential nutrients.

Please note that all cleanses must be ordered a day in advance for collection the following day. Feel free to call or email us with any concerns or questions before or during your cleanse. Our juice cleanses are unpasteurised and made to order; they will remain fresh for 1 day if they are kept refrigerated upon receipt of your package. Once you receive your juice, please do refrigerate immediately. During all cleanses and detoxes avoid caffeine and alcohol as well as ensuring you drink enough water and get plenty of rest.

what is a detox?

The world we live in today is a toxic one: we are surrounded by man made chemicals in the air we breath, on the clothes we wear, creams, shampoos and the food we eat. When the body struggles to naturally clear these chemicals out symptoms develop. Even the internal waste products of daily metabolism need to be removed. This is all managed by the liver, but it sometimes needs some help. Following the 3 day juicing guidelines below is a good start, and should be followed by the 10 day plan as the longer and slower the detox the more effective the results. Some people feel poorly in the beginning, this is because toxins like to hide in fat cells and not to be pushed around the body to find a way out!


To start the process of deep cellular detoxification: this involves the removal of accumulated toxins which are stored in your tissues – mainly fat cells.

Who needs a detox?

If you feel any of these symptoms, a detox will certainly help: Weight gain, brain fog, low mood, achy joints, skin trouble, sleeping trouble and chronic tiredness.


The are 3 phases of detox which need to be operating well for best results. Phase 1 is the initial stage where the body assesses the toxin and works out what to do. Phase 2 is the breaking down of the molecules to get rid of them. Phase 3 is the removal of all waste via your gut, through urine and faeces, so good gut nutrients are added to your program too.

Our Guide

Increase water intake: this allows the flushing of toxins. 

Have a drink of water – warm is best

 Extended overnight fasting (14 hrs): this allows time for the body to get into mild ketosis which reduces inflammation in the body and allows you to use up stored fuel in the form of fats

Make sure your bowels are working well:
Chia seeds are included twice a day, but you may need additional ground flax or psyllium with extra water
Use a good probiotic and use bone broth
Fermented food add the the gut flora for a healthier gut system

Calories restriction: this changes the signalling within your body to release toxic molecules

 Break your fast with a ginger/turmeric shot

Wait 30 min before having your next feed

 Include raw cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts,bok choy, maca, kale, rocket, watercress): they release a bioactive compound which turns on the genes that stimulate the removal of toxic waste from your cells, 
especially the fat cells, rendering them no longer needed.
Include raw broccoli sprouts: these are 50 times stronger than the whole plant
Include the allium foods: onions, garlic, leeks, spring onions

 Juicing allows the removal of roughage and fibre for fast absorption of the active nutrients

Remove all other foods during these 3 days except water with a little lemon/herbal tea

For best results, follow the 3 day juice pack with the 10 day detox pack

Remove all animal products during these 10 days except organic yogurt/kefir and
fish, preferably oily fish such as sardines, anchovies, mackerel or herring
Include water with a little lemon/herbal tea
Avoid caffine, alcohol and any other toxic exposure
Include additional plant fats for bigger appetites such as avocado,
macadamia/walnut butter, seeds, nuts except peanuts

why juice?

As juice only has trace amounts of fibre, the nutrients are able to enter the blood stream rapidly and the be quickly absorbed. Without fibre, your digestive system is furthermore allowed to rest; this taps into vital energy reserves that can be used for the detoxifying process.

We believe it’s important to build a relationship with what you consume. Our smoothies and juices are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins and fibre. Their benefits are endless: clearer skin, heightened mental clarity, increased energy, gut health, and weight loss just to name a few.

For more information please visit the website of our collaborating Dietician, Judith Johnson.